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Generates Quality Educational Content

WEXT AI quickly creates high-standard teaching resources tailored to CEFR levels, ensuring they meet educational guidelines.


Streamlines Multi-Format Outputs

Generate teaching resources in diverse formats like PDFs or Txt files. Download them instantly for offline use or easy sharing with your learners.


Enhances Teaching Efficiency

Incorporate contextually relevant vocabulary and automatically generated questions into your lesson plans, saving time and focusing on engaging your students.

Features 1

Effortless Content Creation at Your Fingertips

Leverage the power of AI to pinpoint your students' language skill levels and generate engaging, educational content in real-time.

  • With just a single click, create your next instructional reading module.
  • Integrate articles, comprehension questions, vocabulary exercises, and audio for a comprehensive, one-stop learning solution.
  • Use visuals like images to make your content more engaging.
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Features 2

All-in-One Content Creation, Customization, and Distribution

Create CEFR-aligned articles, vocabulary drills, TOEFL practice texts, and more—all within our intuitive platform.

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Features 3

Generate, edit, and save high-quality, downloadable educational materials With WEXT AI.

Edit and make modifications to fit your specific needs, save organized content in folders for future use, and share at your convenience.

  • Start creating powerful content, for your next ads
  • Download materials in multiple formats like PDFs or Txt for offline use
  • Directly distribute them to your learners whenever you want.
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WEXT AI Use Cases

Generate Better Content Faster, The Future of AI Education Tools is Here

Educational Articles

Know your learners' CEFR levels? Tailor reading texts that captivate and educate.

Vocabulary Drill

Leverage words from reading texts to construct effective vocabulary exercises.

Image-Powered Texts

Upload an image and auto-generate reading materials that visually engage.

TOEFL Practice

Target TOEFL students? Generate practice texts that meet top standards.

Comprehension Questions

Formulate reading comprehension questions that challenge and instruct.

Audio Narrations

Turn any text into an auditory learning experience.


Elevate your content with comprehensive spell-check and detailed text analysis.

CEFR Content Simplifier

Make challenging texts accessible by adapting to easier CEFR levels.

Who Uses Our AI-Powered Tools?


Ideal for language teaching professionals who need to produce high-quality, targeted content efficiently.

Educational Institutions

For institutions aiming to provide updated, relevant, and comprehensive language learning resources.


Perfect for publishers who wish to produce up-to-date, CEFR-aligned educational material quickly and efficiently.

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